Steel investment casting facility

Steel investment casting is quite different from sand casting which nearly doesn't need any special equipments. Steel precision casting process has a special set of equipments like wax injection machines, vacuum dewaxing machine, baking furnace,and electrical furnace and other affiliated machines like spectrometer, sand blasting, tumbling and acid cleaning line etc. Though investment casting process requires certain equipment investment, it is indeed a labor intensive industry.

Cinda investment casting foundry has introduced completed steel investment casting facility into our foundry. We apply automatic wax injection machine for wax pattern making and vacuum dewaxing machine for dewaxing clear without deformation of sand shell. Furthermore we use spectrometer for alloying and chemical composition analysis which can help to achieve high demanding stainless steel or certain steel alloy castings.

Automatic wax injection equipments

Automatic wax injection machines speed up our wax pattern making. Such wax injection machines can heat solid wax and keep temperature effectively. Most importantly, it can feed wax automatically with assistance of pressure system. A set of automatic wax injection machine is helpful for reducing labor intension of investment casting process.

Effective and clean electrical furnace

Cinda steel investment casting foundry chose effective and clean electrical furnace as our unique alloying facility as early as we enter into steel precision casting industry. We rejected nay proposal of application of coal furnace or fuel furnace, though they can save production cost,but they absolutely impact working environment a lot.

Spectrometer for precision alloying

Spectrometer is necessary for any alloy steel investment casting. Normally we have to alloy certain steel alloy, because there is always not certain steel alloy ingot available in local market. Though we have somewhat pure element and calculate certain content of each ingredient, we still can't do inspection and approval without spectrometer.

Complete precision machining equipments

Precision steel casting always involves post precision machining. Cinda steel investment casting foundry once was a precision machining factory with complete machining facilities like cnc turning machines, versatile lathers, cnc milling machines, grinding miller, drilling and tapping machines,simple table turning machines and machining centers.

electrical furnace for precision casting automatic wax injection machine