China Casting International 2009 Sep 1-3

china casting international 2009

China Casting International 2009 is to be held On September 1-3,2009 at Shanghai New Expo Center hosted by China Foundry Association. Concurrent includes China Foundry Summit Forum, Cooperation Forum of China Mainland, Hong Kong & Taiwan, China International Casting Procurement Conference and Casting Quality Appraisal Activity.

2009 China Casting international exhibits:

  • Ferrous Castings, Iron, steel and malleable castings
  • Nonferrous Metal Castings – Aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium, nickel and other nonferrous metal foundries
  • Equipment for Investment Casting, Die Casting, Low Pressure, Gravity Die Casting, Vacuum Process Molding, Full Mold Casting and Continuous Casting
  • Materials: Foundry Raw and Auxiliary Materials
  • Relevant Equipment for: Melting, Pouring, Cleaning and Cutting of casting, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Quality Control, Testing and Environment Protection at workplace

China Casting Industry Summit Conference

casting industry summit conference

The 4th China Casting Industry Summit Conference Aug. 30 to Sep. 01.

The 4th China Casting Industry Summit Conference is to hold on August 30th at Shanghai for 3 days hosted by China Foundry Association The conference invites leading casting manufacturers, casting experts, casting professors from mainland, Hongkang and Taiwan to discuss and expect future development of china casting industry.

Investment casting process will be the maim topic for this casting industry summit conference. The member of China Foundry Association can attend the summit conference and ask for magazines for free.

International casting sourcing fair 2009

international casting sourcing fair

International Casting Sourcing Fair 2009 is to be held on September 2 at Shanghai New Expo Center hosted by China Foundry Association.

Main sourcing casting catalogue:

  • castings for automotive and internal combustion engine
  • castings for shipping
  • castings for machine tool
  • genera-engineering castings
  • castings for industrial machinery
  • castings for aviation and aerospace
  • castings for petrochemical industry
  • castings for electronic and telecommunication industry
  • castings for electrical powder industry
  • pipe, pump and valve castings
  • castings for municipal engineering and transportation
  • hardware castings etc.