Shangyu Cinda Investment Casting Co.,Ltd.

Cinda Investment Casting Foundry was developed from a small machining factory set up at 1993 when we only had several simple versatile lathes and milling machines. Along with the booming of precision casting industry in Ningbo area, we took advantage of the opportunity to expand our business to the upstream industries. Currently we have our own silica sol factory and investment casting foundry. All of our molding materials are supplied by our silica sol factory. Proudly speaking, Cinda molding material is quite popular around Ningbo area. Furthermore, our own investment casting foundry is equipped with two production lines of lost wax casting; its in house machining workshop has advanced CNC turning lathes, milling machines and Machining centers. Cinda investment casting foundry now has the capacity of producing 2000tons steel casting with precision machining.

Location of Cinda Investment Casting Foundry

Cinda steel casting foundry locates at Shangyu a east coastal city of China, which is at west of Ningbo area. It takes at most one and half hour to reach Ningbo harbor via express way. Besides, it is also very convenient for us to deliver goods to Shanghai by Hangzhou bay Over-bay Bridge.

How to visit Cinda steel casting foundry

To visit us, you may land at Shanghai Pudong International Airport or Xiaoshan International Airport, then take express bus or train to Shangyu Bus or Railway Station. If you come from Ningbo, just call us. We will arrange to pick you up at Ningbo.

History of Cinda Investment Casting Foundry

Cinda investment casting foundry is developing from a precision machining factory set up on 1993 which once was dedicated in production of sartorius accessory and agriculture implement. Now we have two factories with nearly 28000 square meters area, and have expanded our business field to production of molding material, steel investment casting and precision machining.

Business field of Cinda steel casting foundry

Molding material manufacturer: We are a manufacturer of silica sol and other molding material and supplying to many investment casting foundries around Ningbo area.

Steel precision casting foundry: Cinda steel casting foundry is dedicated in carbon steel casting, stainless steel casting and special alloy steel casting.

Precision machining factory: Precision machining for steel castings.

Production Capacity of steel precision casting

Cinda investment casting foundry now has the capacity of producing 2000tons steel casting with precision machining.

  • Four production lines of wax injection and molding
  • Three electrical furnaces for alloying and pouring
  • 2000 square meters area for precision machining

Exporting practice of Cinda Casting Foundry

Cinda doesn't have direct import and export licence. We deal with foreign customers via our exporting agent who deals with all work of custom clearance, logistics service and collect foreign payment.

Currently our main foreign customers are from Canada, America, Norway, Italy, Holland and Japan. We prefer to establishing partnership with foreign company, not only trading relationship.